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Mar-17-2012, 12:31:31 pm
Yikers! 1200 in 24 Hrs- 99 Clicks This is a Doozy
Yikers! 1200 in 24 Hrs- 99 Clicks This is a Doozy

Hi KulePing Members

I had no clue.
This one is a doozy.

I just checked my stats to the site
I am promoting here. 99 clicks in 24
hours from this traffic bot. That's

I upgraded here for 197.00 (One time payment)
24 hours later I have 1200.00 in my pocketplus 99
clicks to my own site.

Nice! Very Nice!

But here is the important part.

What is it?
It's New Traffic Bot

You pop in a url
And it drives traffic to your site

And here is the really neat part.

Coming soon are an article submitter
A Directory Submitter
A Search Engine Submitter

And you get them all for one payment
No monthlies

You can ea*rn that back in a heartbeat

Commission are 100.00 per sale.

This is a very interesting new site
and even if you do not want to recruit
you can use it just to drive traffic
to your site with bot and the other

Good deals are hard to come by
and this is one of them

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: Anyone upgrading under my link today
will get 2 million sokens at Sokule
(value 2540.00). The cost to upgrade
is 197.00 so you come out a winner here

You can ea*rn your investment back in
a heartbeat. Commissions are 100 per

To collect your Sokule bonus

send me your full name, your payment
receipt to trafficbot and your Sokule username

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