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Feb-03-2012, 12:56:09 pm
Have You Yaked Today? Everyone's Yaking. Are You?
Have You Yaked Today? Everyone's Yaking. Are You?

Hi KulePing Members

Get Your url for Yakamore into Your KulePing account

There's a new kid in town
His name is Yakamore

He has a saying:

When a Tweet at Twitter is simply not
enough, there's Yakamore

Yakmore is the Business Friendly Social Media

You can post longer posts
You can ea*rn commission
We build your list of followers for you
on auto pilot. You do nothing at all
You can post from Yakamore to Sokule
You can post from Sokule to Yakamore
You can email your followers
You can connect with Business People all
over the world.

You can join fr*ee or upgrade your account
to get more features.

Yakamore is in beta launch
The time to join is now.

The new kid on the block has lots on
the drawing board. It is going to make
your eyes pop.

The upgrade prices are low introductory ones
Grab them now and lock them in forever.

When a Tweet at Twitter simply is not
enough, There's Yakamore.

It's for people who have a lot to say.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you are a member of the Social Media
site, Sokule, You are already a member of
Yakamore. Just log in with your Sokule
Username and password and you are good to

If you are not yet a member of sokule,
join us right here

PPS: Grab one of the business or executive
memberships now at Yakamore.
Both will go up in price when the beta launch
at Yakamore is over. Lock in these low prices now.

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